Find joy through the power of the outdoors.

Hello, welcome, you’ve found us.

We are the shelter from the storm in your head, a base camp for you to recuperate and acclimatise, and a compass that can help you plot your journey to higher mindful altitudes.

But for the moment take a breath. You are not alone.

In life, we can find ourselves in the deepest crevices, facing despair that seems insurmountable.

During these moments, as we hit that rock bottom, the choice arises to quit or to rediscover a strength we’ve been disconnected from, to find that this is not the end but the very beginning of a journey, an ascent to find joy and a peaceful mind.

I’m Matthew Robertson, adventurer and wilderness guide of 30 years, I believe that joy can be found through the power of the outdoors.

But it hasn’t been smooth sailing.

In recent times my mental health crumbled in the wreckage of losing my father, a divorce, and a business crushed by COVID.

Conditioned stoicism and male pride stopped me from seeking help, and desperate to silence the storm in my head I contemplated a tragic choice.

But, the outdoor place I planned that tragic event, emerged as a catalyst when nature unexpectedly became my guide on a journey back to health.

I’m currently tracking this course and with Momentum Men I invite you to join and learn with me in real time from those who have gone before us - how we can find joy through the power of the outdoors.

With Momentum Men we are building an expedition tool kit for mind health, find inspiring podcasts and otherwise hard to find resources, that validate, inspire and strengthen our resilience as we aim for the summit. Something I always remember, it helped me beyond words and I offer them to you. ‘Please remember you are not alone'.

“It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
– Sir Edmund Hillary

To find out more about Matthew, visit matthewroberson.com

matthew robertson
Matthew Robertson