Workplace stress and mental health

The modern workplace can feel like turbulent waters men must navigate alone. At Momentum Men, you can discover how community and purpose can serve as your anchor and compass. Research shows nature resets perspective, allowing a zoomed-out global view. With inner clarity and courage, you can find your purpose in life and an aligned direction for your next steps.

Workplace stress and mental health – Why talking helps

Workplace mental health struggles arise in stormy isolation for many men. Safe harbours exist to chart clarity.

  • Competitive work cultures feed tendencies in men to tie self-worth tightly to professional status and stoically shoulder burnout alone.
  • Stepping away to natural settings resets perspective on priorities, helps distinguish temporary setbacks from identity, and clarifies values-based goals.
  • At Momentum Men, you can compass towards finding purpose beyond promotions and forging pathways aligned with fulfilment instead of false summits.