Mental health podcast

The Momentum Men Podcast aims to provide a peaceful retreat amid the noise and chaos where you can listen about life. Each week, we'll sit around the virtual campfire, having meaningful discussions about living intentionally, overcoming inner obstacles, and reconnecting with our best selves. Whether you’reweathering storms in relationships or feeling lost and isolated, this podcast will meet you exactly where you are and provide a map forward.

Mental health podcast – Why talking helps

The Momentum Men Podcast creates vital space for men to unpack life's challenges.

  • Candid conservations around relationship friction, purpose-seeking, and emotional needs to counteract cultural barriers and open up vital dialogues.
  • Special guests who have navigated rocky terrain to climb mountain tops of understanding offer maps etched with hard-won wisdom
  • Listen in as we gather around the crackling virtual campfire to build an open, inclusive community committed to dismantling destructive norms.