Suicide prevention and mental health crisis

When men find themselves lost in isolation or suicidal thoughts, even one person pointing towards help can be lifesaving. At Momentum Men, you’re not alone. We aim to help you find a route out of the darkness, staying the course with you and using the outdoors as a lifeline. Know that sunrise awaits over each summit - the next one brighter. And for that, each arduous step ahead remains entirely worth taking.

Suicide prevention and mental health crisis – Why talking helps

When suicidal thoughts threaten to eclipse all light, connection to purpose can guide the way back.

  • Isolation and stigma surrounding mental health issues in men contribute to high rates of suicide.
  • Nature renews hope and meaning when all seems lost. Outdoor community spaces allow you to open up without judgment.
  • At Momentum Men, we leverage the scientifically proven emotional benefits of awe-inspiring natural settings to promote healing and self-compassion during crisis.