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Affectionally named as Lewis mad dog moody MBE, Rugby World Cup winner in 2003

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“Energy is reflective, bring the energy you want to feel off others and have positive impact on someone’s else’s day”

– Lewis Moody

Lewis talks about the pressures and anxiety of being a professional and finding the joy in the ‘The Lewis Moody Foundation’, funding groundbreaking research into treatment of brain tumours.

Lewis Moody MBE is an English retired rugby union player and was part of the 2003 World Cup winning side.

Lewis is known for the enthusiasm with which he played the game, his willingness to chase down opponents and his ability to compete for possession at restarts, which earned him the nickname "Mad Dog" from teammates and supporters.
In May 2014, Lewis and his wife Annie set up The Lewis Moody Foundation, inspired by Joss Rowley-Stark, to fund groundbreaking research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours and give families a day out of the ordinary to lift spirits and create special memories.
Lewis’ proudest moment with The Foundation was being involved with the HeadSmart campaign and the part The Foundation has played on halving diagnosis times for children and young people with a brain tumour is a real highlight. Reaching £1m raised was another fantastic milestone to achieve.
Lewis loves inspiring people to take on a challenge to see what they are capable of outside of their usual office work environment and showing that they can achieve much more physically and charitably when they work together. Seeing people overcome their fears and thrive as they complete a challenge.

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Lewis's 3 tips for wellness

Free, easy to access and rewarding


As you get older you realise that the one thing, we don't control is time. So really choose to do what we want with that time wisely.

Be more inquisitive

Ask questions of people - asking more questions of people we can create a much more interesting environment to live in and probably therefore a much kinder place to live in.

Prioritising what is important for you each day

If it is physical outlet, some form of exercise. Reading a book because you need to switch off. Meditation because you need to find peace and calmness.