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From elite special forces operator to a shining light in mental health

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"I was feeling wobbly for like a good year, like really shitty for a good year. I didn't want to tell them that because I'm the Special Forces guy."

– Joseph Bates

After years in the UK Special Forces, Joseph Bates felt it was time to explore new horizons. He went on to work as a private bodyguard, then working for an Investment Bank in London, but it wasn’t scratching the itch - he was searching for something with meaning.
Joe realised there was a gap in the market when it came to mental health. He went on to create Halen. Halen is an app that offers access to therapy and other forms of coaching and gives users the opportunity to pick who they want to work with in an easy and accessible way.
On this podcast, Joe reflects on the loss of his father and his decision to join the Royal Marines and Special Forces. He shares his struggles in the banking industry and the search for help and support.
The conversation explores the challenges of seeking help for mental health issues and the confusion that can arise from the multitude of options available. The conversation also delves into the impact of PTSD and the benefits of therapy and outdoor experiences.
Joe and Matthew discuss various ways to improve one's well-being and find happiness. They explore the importance of breathwork and connecting with oneself, appreciating the beauty of life, spreading kindness and understanding and practicing empathy.

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