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Podcast / Bobby Bolton

From the depths of despair to global nomad

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"I am happier now than I have ever been... And I have less than I ever had."

– Bobby Bolton

Bobby, on the surface, was living the dream. Successful company, fiancé, nice car. But something was missing... After a series of dramatic events he lost it all. 

From the depths of despair, to global nomad. Bobby built a custom Overlander and challenged himself to drive from the UK to Australia. 

Bobby's journey turned into an instagram sensation, within weeks, gaining over 200,000 followers. He was overwhelmed to discover so many others are struggling just as he was.

Bobby's 3 tips for wellness

Free, easy to access and rewarding

1. Be an outdoor content sponge:

  • Immerse yourself in inspiring, diverse content and wisdom.
  • Absorb insights, let them slowly marinate in your thoughts. 
  • No need to engage immediately; let the urge unfold naturally.

2. Embrace others' stories:

  • Squeeze out the richness in people's experiences.
  • Soak in the beauty of diverse perspectives and narratives.
  • Treasure the subliminal lessons shared by those you encounter.

3. Let nature reward you at your own pace:

  • Savour the simple and cost-free joys, like cold water swimming or sleeping under the stars.
  • Don’t mistake ‘epic’ with ‘joy’ a challenging climb can be as rewarding as a beer by the lake, absorb the rewards at your own pace.

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