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How the act of listening allowed this barber to transform mental health care, one haircut at a time

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"Once they're given the space to talk about it, you need to listen to them and they'll solve the fix... It happens so many times they provide their own solution.”

– Tom Chapman

Listening to his clients during haircut sessions, Tom began to recognise that many individuals struggling with mental health issues often just need someone to listen to them without judgment or pressure to fix their problems.

He went on to create an environment where people could feel comfortable opening up about their struggles, release pent-up emotions and gain clarity. Through this approach, Tom has found that simply being present and offering a listening ear can have a profound impact on someone's mental well-being.

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Tom's 3 tips for wellness

Free, easy to access and rewarding

Exercise Regularly

  • Engage in physical activity daily, even if it's just a short walk or a quick workout at home.
  • Exercise boosts mood and energy levels, promoting overall well-being.

Build your tribe

  • Make time for meaningful connections with friends and family.
  • Nurture your relationships, social support is essential for mental health.

Text the love

  • Set a reminder to send a text message of appreciation or love to someone each week.
  • Simple acts of kindness through text messages can have a profound impact on another's well-being.

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Other sources of help

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